Radamel Falcao


Radamel Falcao plays for both Manchester United and the national columbia team as a striker. People and media both agree that he is said to be the best striker of soccer to this day. In his first three seasons he had scored over one hundred goals.


Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney plays for both Manchester United and the national team of England, and is captain for both teams. He plays forward, midfield and winger. He joined the England national team at the young age of 17 in 2003, and was the youngest player to ever score a goal. He played in the 2006,2010, and 2014 world cup and had a phenomenal season.

Andres Iniesta


Andres Iniesta is spanish soccer player who plays for the national team of Spain. He has always had a greatly noticed soccer talent all throughout his childhood. He joined the team FC Barcelona at the young age of 12, and was one of the top players. He led the team to 6 titles by 2009. He is greatly known for scoring the winning goal in the game against the Netherlands in the 2010 World cup. He has been a star player ever since his youth days, and he still continues on being a great player.

Clint Dempsey


Clint Dempsey is an american soccer player who also happens to be the captain of the national USA soccer team. He also plays for the Seattle Sounders FC, and used to play for Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur and the New England revs. Since his career started in 2004, he has had 114 goals up until this year. Dempsey is one of the first USA players to have scored 10 goals in a premiere league season on march 19th.




Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional soccer player who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team. From 2009 until 2012, he won the inaugural FIFA Ballon d’Or every year. Messi has played in the world cup since 2006, and has scored 42 international goals. In september of 2014, he scored his 400th career goal for club and country. Messi is commonly compared to Ronaldo because they are both such fantastic players and have broken many records.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is a portuguese soccer player who is the captain of the national portuguese soccer team, and who also plays for the spanish club real madrid. Ronaldo is the worlds most expensive player, costing 1,251,0004 a month. At just the age of 16, he was paid more than 15,287,3404$ for his services. Ronaldo played for manchester united and helped steer the club to three premier league titles. In 2009, Real Madrid payed Manchester United $131 million for the chance to sign him, and Ronaldo signed over to them. He has took part in the FIFA world cup since 2006 and has a total of over 400 senior career goals for both his country and club.

Toni Kroos


Toni Kroos is a german soccer player who plays for the spanish club called real madrid and the national German soccer team. He is known best for his passing accuracy and his ability to set up goals. Kroos took part in the fifa world cup, in 2010, and 2014. He also played in the Euro 2012, and played a total of eight games out of a possible 10. In the 2014 world cup, Kroos was rated as the best player with a rating of 9.79 out of 10. He was a fantastic player and was a great teammate. He played seven matches and held two goals, but holds seven international goals.